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San Juan County Coal Industry in Jeopardy


PNM Integrated Resource Plan Draft Released

We are in the midst of major crisis regarding our electricity generation industry in San Juan County. PNM, the lead operator of the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) has just released their draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to evaluate their entire resource portfolio to determine the lowest-cost option for their customers.

The draft suggests that they have plans to retire the San Juan Generating Station in June of 2022 when their fuel contract expires with San Juan mine. Rest assured that Four Corners Economic Development and its board are working diligently and doing everything in our power to communicate the value of the plant to the Public Regulations Commission (PRC) and the state legislature to ensure that this is not taken lightly.

Over the coming weeks, we will be communicating ways in which you can get involved in making it clear that, for San Juan County and the State, the loss of this key employer is not in our best interest (visit for updates). We are also putting together a written response to this news that will be submitted to PNM prior to their upcoming open sessions on the IRP to express our concerns.

As this process continues, we want to encourage you to go and meet with the PRC Commissioners to express your concern and the impact to your livelihood that this decision could bring. We will keep you apprised of developments in this process and provide further data that can be used to bolster our case.

Not only do the plant and mine employ hundreds in the region, but they also provide significant tax base to the already cash-strapped state budget. That doesn’t even take into account the schools that rely on that tax base, as well as the County and City coffers.

Four Corners Economic Development is dedicated to creating and sustaining jobs in San Juan County, and that includes the retention and expansion of our existing industries. As such, we will continue to be advocate on your behalf for the jobs and businesses that make this place our home.

For more details on the IRP: Click Here

Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. (EMSI) Impact Study: Click Here
 PNM Open Sessions

San Juan Coal Company EIS Comments:

Thank you to all the folks that attended the scoping sessions last week. The San Juan Coal Company (SJCC) mine that serves the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) was subject to public scoping meetings with regard to an “Environmental Impact Statement” (see below for details).
This study requires them to re-evaluate their impacts on the environment in San Juan County, including the economy. Should this study come back negatively, it could result in the mine and the plant closing as soon as 2019. As such, we need your voice at the table with regards to the positive impacts of the jobs and business this mine generates for the community, as well as how the closure could negatively impact your business or livelihood.
We encourage you to please submit comment with regards to this potential closure through the following channels no later than May 8th:
Please send comments to:
Email to:
 Or mail/courier to:
Gretchen Pinkham, OSMRE
c/o Catalyst Environmental Solutions
P.O. Box 56539
Sherman, CA 91413
Thank you for your continued support of our base industries here in San Juan County. Below are links to facts and figures you can use in your comments and well as details of the process.
Mine/Plant Impact Info-graphic: Click Here
Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. (EMSI) Impact Study: Click Here
For details on the EIS process: Click Here
News on Scoping Sessions (Source-Daily Times):

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