Clif Horace

Horace, Clifton_comp

My name is Clifton Horace; I was born in northern Illinois and had the good fortune of attending the University of Colorado to study Engineering. Later on I put myself through the MBA program at the University of Idaho by rough-necking in the oil fields of Wyoming.

I live in the Four Corners by choice and own or have owned businesses both here and in Santa Fe that run the gamut from automobile dealerships (Horace Nissan Hyundai), farms, radio shows, real estate companies, to life insurance and venture capital. My passion and sanity however have always come from “working in the dirt” and working with people who are passionate about their family, their company, their community and their country.

As a serial entrepreneur I believe the best thing you can offer a man is a job; hard work brings both a sense of dignity and accomplishment that all of mankind has strived for since the beginning. Thanks for listening and don’t forget “Life is short, drive something nice.”