Community Letter regarding BLM Proposed Onshore Orders

Please help save 9,000 jobs in San Juan County.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign regarding the BLM proposed Onshore Orders 3, 4, 5 & 9! The official community comment was submitted to the BLM today, as well as to Senators Udall and Heinrich and Representative Lujan.

There has already been some positive response to our local efforts to save jobs and our local industry. Senators Udall and Heinrich have submitted a letter to the BLM asking for a helpful amendment to one of the proposed Onshore Orders. We appreciate the Senators’ support!

Read the letter here: BLM Commingling OO3 letter April 2016

The New Mexico State Land Office has also issued a letter to the BLM urging change to the proposed Onshore Orders.

Read their letter here: NMSLO Letter to BLM

We will keep you updated as the issue progresses.


The signature collection period has ended. 

Sign the Community Letter below to:

  • Save jobs
  • Protect funding for San Juan College
  • Protect funding for our Public Schools
  • Protect funding for our Cities and County to keep emergency services intact and taxes from rising
  • Keep our Utility Bills from going up
    Testimonials on all of these facts were submitted for the Community Letter by local government and community entities. Read the full letter below for details.

Our community is dependent on oil and gas production. The industry touches all of our lives.

There are proposed federal regulations being discussed right now that would restrict oil and gas production locally even further than the current low market prices.

63% of New Mexico’s natural gas production and 54% of oil production originates from mineral leases on federal land. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is one of the major holders of federal mineral leases.

The BLM proposed regulations (Onshore Orders 3, 4, 5 and 9) would be catastrophic to San Juan County’s already suffering economy.

Potentially 7,500 wells will have to be closed. Each gas well generates roughly 1.2 jobs for the local economy. If these regulations are enacted that will add up to 9,000 more lay-offs in the San Juan Basin.

In 2015 the Farmington MSA saw the highest increase in unemployment in the nation! We cannot suffer thousands more losing their jobs.

We need your voice to be heard.

A letter is being composed that will be sent to our local Representatives and Senator in Washington, D.C., outlining the devastating effect these regulations will have on our community. The letter shows in factual terms the “dollars and cents and real people, real jobs” impacts of the BLM’s potential regulations. We are asking our Congressional delegation to thoughtfully consider these rules in light of their economic impacts on the community.

Please add your signature to this letter showing your support for our local industry.

Don’t let Washington decide our fate. Let our voices be heard.

Read the letter here:

2016-04-18 Community Letter – Re BLM Regulations (002)
Additional entities are adding their personalized impacts these regulations will have – keep checking back for the latest updates.

The signature collection period has ended.