Cottonwood Cycles of Farmington

Monthly Four Corners Customer Service Award winner Cottonwood Cycles of Farmington, New Mexico.

Cottonwood Cycles won this month’s Customer Service Award for thinking outside of the box to help customers. A gentleman with Parkinson’s Disease that is now forced to use a walker and his caretaker came into Cottonwood Cycles looking for help on the walker’s brake mechanism. The brakes appeared to be very similar to a bike’s and they were hoping the staff at Cottonwood could help them tighten them since they didn’t know where else to go in town. Instead of turning the two men away because they were a bike shop and not a walker shop the staff at Cottonwood Cycles cheerfully helped them.

According the owner Ralph Winebarger, this isn’t the first time he has been approached to help with walker brakes and they always take care of the customer.

“We are nothing without our customers,” Winebarger stated. The last five years have been hard for Cottonwood Cycles and when they started looking at how to make the business more profitable it always came down to making sure they were taking care of the customer.

With some recent changes, new manager Caleb Sanchez explained that he has made sure the staff treat all customers equally and with respect because, “the customers are our guests.”

Sanchez also explained that they have some new young and enthusiastic staff and he has taught them to leave their baggage at home so they will respond quickly to customers and positively.

Cottonwood Cycles can also special order items they don’t regularly carry in the store, saving customers a trip to Albuquerque or Durango. They also promote outdoor recreation in the Four Corners by selling maps and directing people to various bike trails in the area.

Cottonwood Cycles is involved in the community helping with most of the bike related events and causes such as the Alien Run, Road Apple Rally and they service bikes that the Farmington Police Department give away to local kids every year.

This is the sixth of our monthly awards that will be given out to San Juan County businesses with great customer service. Businesses are awarded Durango Joe’s coffee cards (donated by Joe) for their employees, featured in our newsletter, and entered into the pot with all the year’s other winners for a chance to win the new EDGE Award for Customer Service to be presented in October.

Four Corners Economic Development business members and staff are eligible to nominate their favorite businesses for this new award. If you would like to make a nomination contact Christa at (505) 566-3618,, or online at