Crown Cleaners

Crown Cleaners

Crown Cleaners owners Debbie and Jim Donald ensure that the customer always comes first in their business. This attitude has won them the first Customer Service Award now being distributed monthly by Four Corners Economic Development (4CED).

Crown Cleaners currently has eleven employees (three are Jim and Debbie’s children) many of which are local college and high school students. Debbie says that they teach all of them that they want friends not just customers. They insure that they never turn their back on a customer or ignore them no matter who they are.

Beyond all the employees giving great customer service, the fancy technology used by Crown Cleaners also sets them apart in the field. The Donald’s are constantly upgrading their worn out equipment with state of the art systems. Almost their entire operation is automated, from the bagging machine to the point of sale system that catalogs the orders on the enormous rating racks. Debbie says it has been a long and constant process to get where they are today, and also a big investment, but they want to make sure that they make the fewest mistakes possible and service their customers as quickly as possible.

Crown Cleaners sees a lot of out of town customers and they make sure to act as good ambassadors for the Four Corners area. They refer people to local restaurants and attractions such as the area  ruins and, interestingly enough, the Farmington public library.

Next time you need some laundry or dry cleaning done try visiting Crown Cleaners located at 2025 N Sullivan in Farmington where they will treat you like a friend—not just a customer.

Again this is the first of our new monthly awards that will be given out to San Juan County businesses with great customer service. Businesses are awarded coffee cards for their employees, featured in our newsletter and entered into the pot with all the year’s other winners for a chance to win the new EDGE Award for Customer Service to be presented in October.

4CED business members and staff are eligible to nominate their favorite businesses for this new award. If you would like to make a nomination click here or contact Christa at (505) 566-3618 or