Great Harvest Bread Co.


Great Harvest Bread Co. was nominated for this month’s  Customer Service Award because they go above and beyond in their service.

Carmen Martinez, Director of the Small Business Development Center has to have a gluten free diet and when Great Harvest first opened they only baked gluten free bread once in a while. Owner Kim Bell would call Carmen and let her know when they were going to have some in stock. Carmen was also surprised earlier this month when Kim emailed her let her know that they were going to have triple chocolate muffins the next day that were, again, gluten free. Carmen wasn’t feeling well the day Kim emailed her about the muffins and she said it was so nice to be able to send her husband to get her a treat.

Beyond their compassion for people with dietary restrictions Kim and her staff at Great Harvest are always doing their best to serve people great food quickly and with a smile. The company mission statement is, “Be loose and have fun! Bake phenomenal bread. Run fast to serve others. And give generously.” Kim believes strongly in trying to achieve all of those goals on a daily basis.

Kim says she hires people specifically to work the front counter that have great attitudes for customer service, but she trains all of her staff to be able to come to the front and help when it is busy. She admits that they do make mistakes on orders sometimes, but they try and do everything they can to “make it right,” often offering free loaves of their fresh baked bread to customer who had to wait for them to correct an order.

They also offer free samples to people, especially during the busy rush at lunch. “Giving people a little something to eat seems to relax them when they are waiting,” Kim explains. They must be doing something right, because twice now Kim’s store has won awards for being one of the top ten franchise stores, out of a 180+ nationwide, in annual sales growth since they opened in three years ago in July.

Kim leads her staff by example as she works hard side by side with them and gives them ownness in the business and respect by explaining things such as expenditures and  billing when talking to them about ways to be more careful with ingredients. And what a great example Kim is, jumping up twice during our interview to greet loyal customers and insisting that I leave with a free loaf of bread for “my time.”  Kim says she enjoys people and forming true relationships with her customers.

Kim also contributes heavily to the community by giving to practically every sports team, family in hardship, and numerous other charities that walk through her door looking to raise money. She also says that she will never deny anyone a donated gift basket for a good cause.

If you haven’t visited Great Harvest Bread Co. at 4009 E Main Street, Suite A in Farmington you are missing out on great food and service, so stop in today and meet them!