San Juan County, New Mexico is located in the heart of the Four Corners region. Listed below are attractions located in our county, but remember we are just a few hours drive from attractions in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado as well. For more information on attractions located within a days drive from us check out our Center of Adventure list.

The Four Corners region is also one of a handful worldwide identified for a National Geographic Geotourism MapGuide project. Visit for everything you need to plan a trip throughout the area.

While visiting don’t forget to keep in mind that we are always looking for entrepreneurs and energetic people to join our workforce – so if you like it here consider making this your home.

Aztec Ruin National Monument

Aztec Arches

Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness

Chaco Culture National Historic Park

Four Corners Monument

Navajo Lake State Park

Quality Waters of the San Juan River

Salmon Ruins Museum, Library, and Research Center