Rail RFP

Please find below links to all bid materials per the RFP for:

“Invitation for Bids on Demand Study for Four Corners Short Haul Line”

Click Here for the bid doc (Original)

Click Here for the bid doc (Rev. 1)

Click Here for the bid doc (Rev. 2, Updated Links 11-1-17)

Click Here for the bid doc (Rev. 3, Updated Deadline to Nov. 30)

Click Here for the previous rail study (Link Updated)

Answers to questions to date:

  1. What triggered this request at this time?
    • We have had several short haul providers mention that demand and ability to turn a profit are deciding factors as to whether to outlay the funds to construct a rail of this magnitude. As such, we are trying to update our demand analysis and hopefully prove out a lower cost route.
  2. Why the short timeline for a response?
    • We have a funding source with a short timeline that requires us getting a quick response in order to take advantage of the funds.
  3. Do you have an outside source of funds for this type of study and how much are you expecting it to cost?
    • Yes, we do. As for expectation, that is part of why we are doing the bid as well is to find out what the overall cost will be for the study.
  4. The RFP indicates there would need to be a 110 mile spur to the BNSF.  Is this correct?  What is the projected cost of this?
    • It ranges from around 80 to 110 miles depending on the final extent and number of offshoots from the main line are taken (based on previous study’s proposed route out of Thoreau, which does not have to be the final route). The cost based on the estimates in the previous study ranged from approximately $252 million to $550 million depending on it being a single or double track and extending south of the San Juan River or over the river into Farmington.
  5. The link to the BNSF route map for the study is broken.
  6. What is the BNSF’s thought about putting a switch on the transcon line?  What is this cost just for the switch since it will have to be controlled by positive train control?