Sunshine Bakery & Deli

Sunshine Bakery & Deli in Aztec takes home the second monthly Customer Service Award


Marion Padilla (left), Nikki Martinez, Barbara Padilla

Run by three energetic women, Sunshine Bakery & Deli is sure to put a smile on your face! They serve up tasty New Mexican and American food, but what really sets them apart from the competition are their positive attitudes and service standards.

When asked what their secret to great customer service was Barbara Padilla said they don’t discriminate against anyone. “We see the face of Christ in everyone and treat people how we would like to be treated.” Their customer service goes far beyond simply not discriminating however, they remember everyone’s name, go above and beyond to check on you while you are dining if you eat in, and always make sure that no one leaves the deli hungry. Marion Padilla says that she tries to put a personal touch on all of her interactions with her customers. “It makes people feel more comfortable if you are on a first name  basis with them.”

Located at 119 N Main Avenue, Aztec the Deli serves a lot of high school kids during their lunch break. If a student forgets their wallet or simply doesn’t have lunch money that day, they will start a tab for them by writing their name and the amount on a piece of paper that is then kept in a basket by the register. They say that all the students eventually come and pay up what they owe.

Since opening in the summer of 2011 the ladies have upgraded the floor, redecorated and painted the small area making it much more inviting. Stop by the Sunshine Bakery & Deli Monday-Friday 6:00am-3:00pm and Saturday 6:00am-1:00pm for either the enchiladas or the green chile cheeseburgers that both Marion and Nikki Martinez said were the best when asked what their favorite items on the menu were.

If you are feeling blue have lunch or breakfast with them and they will surely brighten your day! While preparing for this article, every person I spoke to about this would instantly say “those girls are so nice” and agreed they were shining stars in customer service.

They were also asked where they send customers from out of town looking for things to do and they said they always suggest all the area ruins, during the summer the Splash ’n’ Play water park in Minium Park, and all the great out door recreation in the area.

When asked what they loved most about San Juan County, Marion blurted out, “Everything! I love it here!” This positive attitude is clearly contagious as people return time and again to Sunshine Bakery & Deli for good food and great friendly service.

This is the second of our new monthly awards that will be given out to San Juan County businesses with great customer service. Businesses are awarded Durango Joe’s coffee cards (donated by Joe) for their employees, featured in our newsletter, and entered into the pot with all the year’s other winners for a chance to win the new EDGE Award for Customer Service to be presented in October.

Four Corners Economic Development business members and staff are eligible to nominate their favorite businesses for this new award. If you would like to make a nomination contact Christa at (505) 566-3618 or online here.

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