Agriculture in the Four Corners

Our community has history of being a productive agricultural economy which continues to this day. San Juan County is well suited to produce biofuels and food processing.
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The Only Place in the United States Where Four States Touch

We feel it is the best place in the western US to locate a snack producer. With abundant amounts of raw materials such as field and sweet corn, winter wheat, organic and non-organic sunflower and safflower (for oil), Pinto, and Anasazi beans are all grown in the region with no local competition. Seventy-five percent of these are grown under irrigation fed by reliable and controlled water from the Rocky Mountains.

The Chile Capital of the World

New Mexico calls itself the “Chile Capital of the Wolrd” and takes its spices very seriously. We put our trademarked Hatch green and red Chile in everything, on everything, and with just about every meal.